Procedure for Tariff Sheet Creation and Submittal

  1. Coach registers athletes with USA Gymnastics member services.
  2. Coach creates Pair/Group ID’s online using the Event registration site.
  3. Coach creates tariff sheets and saves to local computer. Level 4 and 5 Tariff Sheets have been discontinued and will not be needed for competition. Tariff sheets are for L6 through Elite only.
  4. Coach reviews meet requirement timeline for due dates and uploads tariff sheets to Online Tariff Sheet Manager(OTSM) prior to 10 day deadline. See Uploading, Reviewing and Revising Tariff Sheets for instructions.
  5. Coach creates folder for each competition they attend and saves tariff sheets to this location on their local computer.
  6. As judges review tariff sheets, meet ref will notify coach that comments are available on the tariff sheet review form on the OTSM website.
  7. Coach modifies tariff sheet, rolls revision to next rev, saves on local PC and uploads to OTSM. Notifies meet ref of changes by email. If Tariff sheet doesn’t change from one meet to the next, coach keeps the same revision, but changes the abbreviation of club hosting meet and saves it in folder named for the next competition.