Comparison: Hand Drawn vs. Computer

Hand Drawn (Problem)
Computer Drawn(Solution)
Hand drawn images are stick figures that are sometimes hard to identify. Computer drawn images are imported from specifications.  Drawings are body outlines and not  sticks which make it much easier to ID.
Hand Drawn tariff sheets when copied can have poor image quality. Computer drawn tariff sheets are printed from the original and not copied, so they are originals when printed for the judges to review and use during competition.
 Element changes and or order sequence requires coach to redraw entire tariff sheet, thereby possibly adding new errors.  Electronic tariff sheets are saved.  Revisions, additions, or order of elements can be manipulated without a redraw of entire sheet.  
 Corrections and input from judges review is sometimes lost because hand drawn tariff sheets are thrown away and redrawn.  Input and collaboration from judges review from meet to meet is added upon and improved.
 Deductions are taken for illegible tariff sheets.  Image quality of tariff sheets will improve dramatically.   Athletes will be judges are performance and not on illegible tariff sheets.
 Snail Mail Submittal and Review (Problem)  Online Submittal and Review(Solution)
Mail delivery lag time squeezes time frame of tariff sheet creation and review process. No lag time for mailings. Tariff sheets are available immediately.
Coach pays for copying and mailing to judging panel. Coach can upload tariff sheets without cost.
Judge will make tariff sheets online. Meet Referee can insure that all judges have reviewed tariff sheets. Judges can collaborate on findings.
Tariff Sheets will have revision history to insure that judges are reviewing latest document
The nature of the sport requires coaches to make revisions to tariff sheets as the meet date approaches. Revisions to tariff sheets require a redraw of sheet and possible cost of overnight mail making it difficult for judges to review in a timely manner.