2019 Acro Las Vegas Tariff Sheet, Music & Photo Instructions for World Cup

This Web Page includes instructions for World Cup only.

For International Delegations: Click Here

For US Clubs: Click Here


Tariff sheets are requested by March 15th, 2019 through the “Online Tariff Sheet Manager” (“ https://acrootsm.com/dm/”). Login Credentials will have been sent to the official federation address.  Please contact vegasacrcup.tariff@yahoo.com if you have not received them.  Upload tariff sheets in the folder for your Federation.   Tariff sheets must be labeled per the example below:

Tariff Sheet File Name: Example

BUL_145C_WP_Smith, Devonshire_Rev A.pdf
Federation Abbreviation: The Federation Abbreviation will be provided.
Entry # and Routine Abbreviation (Balance – B, Dynamic – D, Combine – C) The Entry NUMBER will be in the Club Roster Report

Last Name Top, Middle, Base
Revision of tariff sheet

Federations please save as a PDF and formatted for 8.5 X 11″ paper. Check that tsheets print in landscape mode.  

Deadlines: All Tariff Sheets must be uploaded by March 15th.  If Tariff Sheets are uploaded as requested, it is not necessary to submit tariff sheets at accreditation unless they are changed.


  • Each club must submit all athlete competition music for Vegas Acro Cup through the OTSM (https://acrootsm.com/dm/) in the same folder as the tariff sheets by March 15th, 2019.  Each routine must be a separate file in MP3 format. The file name is to be the Entry number and the first letter of the routine without spaces or other characters (i.e. the music file for the Level 10 WG #165 Balance routine would be “165B”). These files will be used for all exercises (including training) occurring on the competition floor. Upload the music files in the folder for your Federation (the same location where tariff sheets are uploaded).
  • All Clubs must give a music CD to the OC at accreditation. The CD must have ALL of their athletes’ music that will be competing at the Vegas Acro Cup. The CD must be labeled with the order of the routines by each Entry number and routine (i.e. WG #165 Balance). The CD will used as a backup to the Online Music submission. This backup CD will only be used in the event of an equipment malfunction. If there is a change to a pair or groups’ music, you must bring a CD to registration marked with the athletes’ names, club, level and routine.

Music File Name: Example

Entry ID and Routine Abbreviation (Balance – B, Dynamic – D, Combine – C) The Entry NUMBER will be in the Club Roster Report.

Changes to Music after March 15th: Any music changes made after the OTSM is closed on March 15th, must be emailed to: vegasacrcup.tariff@yahoo.com


Photos must be uploaded by March 15th.

Photos are required for all receiving a credential.  The specification of the photo should be as follows:

  • File format; JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
  • Dimensions: 190 pixels wide x 250 pixels high
  • Athlete File name: Club_Athlete ID  (example MAATT_1361542.jpg)  Athlete ID/USAG #  is found on Club Roster Report.
  • HOD File Name: HOD_Tom Smith.jpg
  • Judge File Name:  Judge_Cheryl Thomas.jpg
  • Coach File Name: Coach_Mike Brown.jpg
  • If no photo is uploaded before the March 15th deadline, the price for taking the photo is US $10 for photo at accreditation.


  1. Login in to the OTSM using the credentials sent by email.
  2. Click on Federation Folder
  3. Click on the Add Document button.
  4. Click on the Upload with Browse button.
  5. Click the Choose File button and navigate to the file on your computer.
  6. Name the file per the instructions above.
  7. Name the title:  2019 Acro Cup LV
  8. Click on Save at the bottom of the page.
  9. File is now uploaded.
  10. To upload a modified tariff sheet, Music or Photo, use the same process but roll the revision to the next letter and then delete the old version.