Meet Directors

Coordinate with your Regional Administrative Committee Chair (RACC) to place your competition onto the meet requirement timeline which is on the OTSM web site.

Verify 10 days out from your competition, that all of the tariff sheets have been uploaded to the OTSM.    This is done by comparing the registration on the event registration web site, to the coaches/clubs tariff sheet review form and tariff sheets that have been downloaded.  If you find missing tariff sheets, please notify the coach and meet referee.


Recommend that if meet is on Saturday, print tariff sheets on Thursday. If meet is on Sunday, print on Friday.  This insures you are within the 3 day deadline for coaches submitting updated tariff sheets and gives you plenty of time to print.  You can print a day prior to the meet if you desire.


On the USAG Event registration site, log in and click on the manage meet drop down.  On the next page, click on the Basic Meet Export button.

This opens an excel spreadsheet that lists pair/group, athlete ID’s, athlete names, Club, Event, Age Group and Level.  Sort this report by club and then by Pair group ID.


In addition you will need a rotation order.  Print one using whatever scoring program you are using.

For a 1 panel meet, you will create 3 copies of each tariff sheet, creating a stack of tariff sheets in rotation order for the following judges.

Meet Referee

For a 2 panel meet you will create 3 copies of each tariff sheet, but assembled in 5 stacks in rotation order for the following judges.  Meet referee gets all tariff sheets while panel A and panel B judges get those that correspond to their panel.

Meet Referee
Panel A CJP
Panel A DIFF
Panel B CJP
Panel B DIFF

Note:  For level 5 and 6 pair/groups, since there are no tariff sheets, please print and insert the applicable requirements page from the Code of Points.  Hand write the Pair/Group ID at the top of the page.  Put these in the corresponding rotation order.


  1. Log into the OTSM and open the first folder for the club coming to your meet.  Using the report sorted by club and pair\group id you created above do the following.
  2. Open the first clubs folder (alphabetical order) that is coming to your meet.
  3. On the column that lists the tariff sheet name, click on the name heading at the top of the column.  This will sort the tariff sheets by pair/group id.
  4. Open and print each tariff sheet in pair/group id order by club. Make sure you are printing only those sheets for your meet as a coach might have tariff sheets for other meets loaded as well.
  5. Print each clubs tariff sheets (3) and put them in separate stacks by club and sequential pair/group ID. Close each tariff sheet before printing the next one.  Verify that the date modified is not less than 3 days out from the meet.  If it is, please notify the meet referee.
  6. Using the rotation order, note the pair/group id and club name and go to the respective stack you created in step 5 above. Pull those tariff sheets and create the tariff sheet stacks for the judges, based on a 1 or 2 panel setup.  Remember to include the requirements page for level 5 and 6 pair/groups.