For judges who don’t coach, and don’t need to create tariff Sheets, Microsoft has a free download of Excel, called Excel Viewer:

 Download Microsoft Excel Viewer



1. How can I use the drawing and picture tools in Excel Version 2003?

To make Excel version 2003 more user friendly for working with images/pictures and creating text boxes, lines, etc…, you can attach the picture and drawing toolbars to the program window, so you have them readily available.  To do this, go to Tools\Customize\ Toolbars and put a checkmark in the Picture checkbox.  Also do this for the drawing toolbar.   This will bring up the picture toolbar which you left click with your mouse and while holding the left mouse button,  move to the top of the excel program where the other toolbars are located.  

The drawing toolbar will automatically appear at the bottom of the spreadsheet.   The excel commands that you need to create tariff sheets are in these toolbars.